Haglund's Deformity

What is Haglund's Deformity?
Haglund's deformity is a bony enlargement on the back of the heel. It usually leads to bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa, which is a fluid-filled sac between the tendon and bone. This enlargement causes the soft tissue near the Achilles tendon to become irritated when it rubs against shoes. 

This deformity can occur in one or both feet. Symptoms include:

  • A bump on the back of the heel
  • Pain in the heel where the Achilles tendon attaches
  • Swelling in the back of the heel
  • Redness near the inflamed tissue

Causes of Haglund's Deformity
Haglund's can, to some extent, be caused by genetics; some people can inherit a bone structure from someone else in their family that makes them more likely to develop Haglund's deformity. High arches, a tight Achilles tendon, or a tendency to walk on the outside of one's heel can all lead to Haglund's as well.

Your doctor will go over any symptoms you may be experiencing with you, as well as examining the foot. You should also expect to have x-rays performed to better evaluate the structure of your heel.