Talar Dome Lesion

What is the Talar Dome?
The talar dome is the dome-like, cartilage-covered top of the talus bone that makes the ankle. The ankle joint is comprised of the bottom of the tibia (shin bone) and the top of the talus.

What is a Talar Dome Lesion?
A lesion of the talar dome is an injury to the cartilage and underlying bone of the talus. They are usually caused by an injury, like an ankle sprain. If the cartilage doesn't heal properly, it will soften and begin to break off, sometimes "floating" in the ankle.

Signs and Symptoms
It can take months, a year, or even longer for symptoms of a talar dome lesion to present, unless the injury is extensive. These may include:

  • Chronic pain deep within the ankle, usually worse when bearing weight
  • An occasional "clicking" or "catching" feeling in the ankle while walking
  • A sensation of the ankle "locking" or "giving out"
  • Swelling of the ankle when bearing weight and going away when resting

Your podiatrist will ask you questions about any recent or previous injuries to your foot, as well as examining the foot and ankle. In some cases, the doctor may inject the ankle with an anesthetic  to determine if the pain goes away for a while. This would indicate that the pain is coming from inside the joint. X-rays will be taken, and you should expect to also have an MRI performed for further evaluation of the injury.